General Therapy Resources

Internal Family Systems

One of the ways that I work with my clients in my practice is through the lens of Internal Family Systems (IFS). This is a theory that has been developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz and has grown wildly in popularity over the past several decades. The main premise of IFS is that individuals possess a multiplicity of "parts" within their psyche, each with its own unique characteristics, emotions, and motivations. These parts can be conceptualized as distinct personalities or sub-personalities within the individual's internal system. The goal of IFS therapy is to help individuals develop a harmonious relationship with these internal parts, facilitating communication, understanding, and, ultimately, integration. Through this process, individuals can achieve greater self-awareness, self-compassion, and emotional healing. The underlying belief is that each part holds valuable insights and wisdom, and by acknowledging and honoring them, individuals can achieve a greater sense of wholeness and well-being.

Should you want to learn more about IFS on your own, I highly recommended reading "No Bad Parts" by Dr. Richard Schwartz. This is a great introduction to the theory written in layman's terms.

Faith Issues

The New Evangelicals Podcast

Venturing on a journey of reevaluating beliefs and faith can be an intimidating and solitary experience. The New Evangelicals Podcast, hosted by Tim Whitaker delves into theological and cultural themes, offering valuable insights and companionship for those undergoing the process of faith deconstruction. It serves as a comforting resource for individuals seeking solace and understanding amidst the uncertainties of their spiritual journey.

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